We carry 3 Sizes of Mobile Liner Units and Self Loading Reel Trailers.   

The ASV100

The Yanmar

The Marooka

Self Loading Reel Trailers

Light. It can be easily mobilized during Road Bans and break-up conditions. Our Work-horse. It has accomplished small and large projects. New and Strong. It is ready to take on any challenges. Versatile Reels.  We can handle and transport reels ranging from:
  • 4' to 8' wide (expandable to 12' in travel mode),
  • 8' to 12' in diameter and
  • up to 20,000 lbs in weight. 

We deliver to site and pick up once job is completed.
All three of our units are equipped with: Low ground pressure rubber tracks, Air compressor, Up to 4000m of line, Pickers, Load cell to monitor tensile load, speed and total length of pull, Data logging, High pressure pack-off assembly, Set of required flanges and Full set of pig catchers.

These tracked units allow easy access on ROW's, easy access for tight spaces near well heads and facilities, potential for elimination of need for matting on pieplien crossings, provide for reduced ground disturbance and pressure, and eliminate the need for chaining up.


We also provide:

A full line of equipment including Cats, Graders, Track Hoes, Back Hoes, Welders, Picker Trucks, A-Frames, Crimp kits, and more.